About the Author, Hamilton Beazley, Ph.D.

    There are many sides to Hamilton.  He is currently a writer and university professor, he has held
    executive positions in both corporations and not-for-profits, and has lived all across the United States.  
    Although Hamilton is known in many ways to many people, he is valued most by the people who know him
    as a loving Godfather, caring friend, and guiding mentor.  The About the Author section is intended to
    help you get to know the person behind the book, No Regrets.

    The Inside Scoop on No Regrets:

    Why did you decide to write this particular book?
    Beazley:  A friend of mine was burdened by a serious mistake he had made many years ago.  Although
    he is a very different person now and has done a great deal of good in the world, the old regret is
    brought up by the press whenever he achieves something new.  He asked me if I knew any way he could
    get over that regret.  His question to me became a personal challenge, and I began to think about
    regrets and how one could let them go.  From those thoughts came a great deal of research and then
    the book.

    What attracted you to the topic addressed in No Regrets?
    Beazley:  I have known a lot of people who have suffered from regrets without any knowledge of how to
    let them go.  I am one of them.  Neither they nor I realized that letting go of regrets and finding
    forgiveness was a process that could be learned.  I wanted to stop living in the past, and I was intrigued
    by how I could go about doing it.  I have also been told all my life to forgive people, but I have never
    known how to do it.  Now I do as a result of this book.

    How did your own viewpoints evolve from the time you started No Regrets to the time it was
    complete?  What did you discover through the process of writing this book?
    Beazley:  I had not initially understood that I was writing not only about letting go of regrets, but about
    finding forgiveness and about counteracting toxic thought patterns that I had routinely allowed to govern
    my actions in certain areas.  I had also not given a lot of thought to what constituted a real apology and
    what actions were necessary to make it meaningful until I started on this project.  By the end of the book,
    I realized that I had really written about forgiveness as the key to letting go of the past and living in the
    present.  In addition, I did not realize how burdened I was by some regrets or how beneficial physically
    and psychologically forgiveness could be.  I am much freer as a person today than when I started the
    book and my life is much richer for it.  I am also less likely to slip into the toxic thought patterns that once
    had interfered with living richly.

    When talking to people who read your book, what reader comments stick out most in your
  • “Life changing.”
  • “I bought your book today and took it to dinner and could not put it down.”
  • “So simple, yet so powerful.”
  • “I read spiritually-gifted Dr. Beazley’s new book No Regrets (what an awesome healing conveyor.”
  • “You’ve changed my life with your wonderful book.”
  • “This was the missing piece I needed.”
  • “No Regrets is an invaluable guide for providing a practical framework to work through issues or
    experiences that are still holding on to us and holding us back from experiencing our true
  • “Hamilton Beazley is a gifted author who articulates the steps in a non-judgmental approach.”
  • “Dr. Beazley is such a clear, accessible writer that one might miss the sophisticated psychological
    research and timeless spiritual principles that form the foundation of No Regrets."
  • “A must read.”

    Why did you become an author?
    Beazley:  Because I love to write and have since I was a boy.  I had a great English teacher in high
    school who encouraged me to write essays and short stories and tutored me in how to write well.  I can’t
    imagine not writing.  Writing is a pleasure for me—and one that is immensely fulfilling.  

    What kind of impact do you hope your writing will have in general or on readers?
    Beazley:  I try to write books that will help people live richer, fuller lives and that will help them sort
    through some of life’s mysteries.  The ability to write is such a gift that I want to use it to make a positive
    difference in the world and to relieve some of the suffering, if I can.  Change is always scary and
    transformation can be terrifying.  We need all the love and encouragement we can get, and I try provide
    that in the words I put on the page.  I also try to make my writing clear and practical, because I want
    people to benefit directly from it.  

    What is your greatest challenge as a writer?
    Beazley:  To choose among writing projects.  There are so many books I want to write!  And in so many
    different genres.  It’s settling down to focus on a single book and then finding the time to write it.

    What inspired you to be a writer?
    Beazley:  My maternal grandfather owned a small newspaper, an aunt of mine wrote short stories, and
    three uncles were newspaper men.  My mother also encouraged me to write, and I was surrounded by
    people who told great stories when I was growing up.  I’m sure that rubbed off on me.  I have always
    enjoyed making up stories, and I have always wanted to write—I don’t know why.  But I love doing it.  I
    would rather write than do almost anything else.  Even the tedious parts of writing are better than the
    tedious parts of any other job I can think of having.  My English teacher, Miss Greenwood, also
    encouraged me and helped me shape my ability.  I don’t fully understand what inspired me to write
    except, perhaps, the muses.  I have always written.  I can’t imagine not writing.   

    What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?  What are your interests?
    Beazley:  I like to sail and I like to travel and I like to read beautifully written novels.  I enjoy witty
    conversations and being with friends.  I particularly love the sea, a summer sky with fluffy white clouds,
    and trees of all shapes and sizes.
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No Regrets: A Ten-Step Program for Living in the Present and Leaving the Past Behind
No Regrets:  A Ten-Step Program for Living in the
Present and Leaving the Past Behind
by Hamilton Beazley