No Regrets: A Ten-Step Program for Living in the Present and Leaving the Past Behind
    How Burdensome are Your Regrets?

    Take this quiz to find out.

    For each of the following statements, think about specific experiences from your life, and then keep track
    of the answer that best describes how you feel about them. Check your score below.

    True        False
    There is an act I committed in the past that makes me cringe and feel ashamed whenever I think of it.

    True        False
    At one point in my life, my failure to say or do something had hurtful consequences for someone that I
    continue to regret.

    True        False
    I may have blown a great opportunity for myself by not acting on something when I had the chance, and I
    have still not come to terms with it.

    True        False
    I can’t stop feeling hurt by the way someone treated me.

    True        False
    I continue to feel sad, mad, or victimized as a result of a certain occurrence, even though it was beyond
    my control at the time.

    True        False
    Although I try not to, I envy other people for their looks, money, or accomplishments.

    True        False
    I feel a gnawing sense of longing or regret just because I’m getting older, and it’s interfering with my
    enjoyment of the present.

    True        False
    There is one person I will never, ever forgive.

    True        False
    There are painful memories I’d rather not revisit, but that still seem to effect me.

    True        False
    There are things I did in my past that sometimes make me feel like a bad person.

    True        False
    I am my own worst critic, and I rarely seem to achieve what I’m really capable of.

    True        False
    It’s too late to go back and repair what was done in the past.

    True        False
    I can’t forgive myself, because the person I hurt will never forgive me.

    True        False
    I know I wasn’t totally innocent, but I don’t feel like I should be the one toapologize because I’m the one
    who got hurt worse.  I still hate the offender.

    True        False
    There are unpleasant ghosts in my past that I can never seem to shake.


    11–15          You are plagued by more pain, grief, blame, and discontent from your regrets than
    you’d probably like to admit. You are not alone. Many of us live with burdensome regrets
    that may be interfering with the enjoyment of our day-to-day life, restricting our future
    possibilities, and hampering our ability to experience joy. The good news is that once you
    learn to come to terms with these regrets and release them, you will experience a profound
    sense of relief and freedom.

    4–10            Like most of us, you have shame-producing skeletons in your closet, and people,
    including yourself, whom you may not have forgiven. You are ready to see the lessons and
    gifts each of these burdensome regrets holds for you, and to take the action steps
    necessary to let them go. Once you do so, your regrets will serve as guides in your present
    and mentors for your future, leading you to happiness and away from torment.

    1–3              You are a person who has learned to forgive yourself, forgive others, and move on  
    with your life for the most part. Yet a few problem regrets remain. You will be amazed at how
    light, optimistic, and joyful you will feel when you let go of the last, unresolved regrets that
    weigh upon your intellect, emotions, and spirit. Once you do, “could have,” “should have,” “if
    only,” and “why me” thoughts will no longer have any power to hurt you—now or in the
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No Regrets:  A Ten-Step Program for Living in the
Present and Leaving the Past Behind
by Hamilton Beazley
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