Lincoln's Other White House: The Untold Story of the Man and His Presidency by Elizabeth Smith Brownstein

Featured on C-SPAN 3 in December 2017
Abraham Lincoln's Life in Music by Elizabeth
Smith Brownstein
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recorded live at the Library of Congress

Now in Paperback and Hardcover

    New Insights into President Abraham Lincoln's Life

    One of the few remaining historical “holes” in Abraham Lincoln’s life is now filled.  
    Discover Lincoln’s life at the most important unknown presidential site in the
    country, Soldiers' Home.  What's in the Book:

  • Aspects of Lincoln and his presidency that are usually ignored

  • Unique pictures and a recently discovered portrait of Lincoln

  • Anecdotes and incisive, often amusing accounts that will increase your
    understanding of Lincoln’s unusual temperament, his startling physical
    appearance, and the idiosyncratic character of his leadership.

    Some of what you'll encounter in Lincoln's Other White House:

  • Lincoln’s fascination with weaponry, and his aggressive pursuit of the latest
    military technology, including machine guns, a kind of napalm, submarines,
    and aerial reconnaissance.  He was, in effect, his own R&D Department.

  • Eyewitness accounts that attest to the affectionate relationship of Lincoln
    and his much maligned wife, Mary Todd.

  • Mrs. Lincoln’s true medical condition, whose bizarre symptoms led people
    in her day to conclude erroneously that she was insane.

  • The critical contribution to Union victory of some of Lincoln’s key wartime
    associates whose feats are usually ignored by historians.
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