Lincoln's Other White House: The Untold Story of the Man and His Presidency by Elizabeth Smith Brownstein

    Abraham Lincoln's Life in Music

    A performance program by Elizabeth Smith Brownstein  

    Audience Comments: “totally original…thoroughly researched…splendid…entertaining…I could listen to her all day...”

    Content Synopsis:  Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president, is often characterized  by scholars as elusive, enigmatic,
    mysterious. Elizabeth Smith Brownstein has chosen an unusual new path in search of clues to the real Lincoln-in the
    music of the Civil War. That bloodiest of wars has been called “a musical war”  and as a lover of music of all kinds,
    Lincoln heard-and sang much of the music of his time.  With little formal education, his musical tastes nevertheless were
    broad, ranging from sentimental ballads and nonsense songs to opera.

    Pianist Brownstein will play a selection of pieces from the period, and reveals the significance of each in Lincoln’s life
    and presidency. This is a unique program offering insights into rarely considered aspects of Lincoln’s temperament and

    Contact:  Elizabeth Smith Brownstein at
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