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Empowering Writers: The 2024 Southern California Writers Conference in San Diego.

Mark your calendars for an enriching experience at the Southern California Writers Conference (SCWC), happening from February 16 to 18, 2024, in San Diego, CA. This esteemed event, crafted and steered by seasoned writers, stands as a beacon for both established and aspiring authors seeking to navigate the publishing landscape. The SCWC is dedicated to offering precise and influential feedback, distinguishing it as a pivotal step for manuscripts primed for the market, having already paved the way for over $4 million in deals for first-time authors in books and screenwriting.

Conference Alert
Conference Alert

Navigating the world of publishing can often feel like a maze, with countless how-to guides falling short of delivering the crucial insight needed to transition from manuscript rejection to publication success. The reason a work fails to resonate with agents or editors is often shrouded in mystery, leaving authors without the guidance to make necessary adjustments. This is where the SCWC fills a vital gap, providing expert advice and support to refine and ready works for market success.

Offering an array of one-on-one manuscript evaluations, along with a wealth of workshops focused on practical advice and industry insights, the SCWC is uniquely designed to equip writers at all stages with the essential tools and knowledge. The conference fosters an environment ripe for networking, offering attendees unparalleled access to industry professionals, including editors, agents, and executives, in a setting that encourages intimate and meaningful conversation.

Beyond the workshops and critiques, the SCWC takes advantage of its scenic San Diego location to offer additional networking opportunities, encouraging participants to engage with leading figures in the literary and entertainment industries on a personal level.


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