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Exclusive Publishing Services Tailored for Agencies

Author Insider's Ambassador's Department offers a unique subscription service tailored for PR and Marketing agencies. Please note that rates are subject to periodic adjustments.

All services are governed by the conditions outlined on the Terms and Conditions page. Utilizing and ordering these services signifies complete and unconditional acceptance of these terms.

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Two-year subscription plan designed for agencies.

Are you a marketing or PR agency collaborating with authors and navigating the publishing landscape? Elevate your value and enhance your client success with our specialized two-year subscription plan, meticulously crafted for agencies like yours. Seize this opportunity to amplify your impact and forge a path to unparalleled achievements in the publishing world.

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  • Enhance Brand Visibility for your author clients by sharing their unique story and work impact on a dedicated author news media platform.

  • Enjoy unlimited full-featured article publications for two years.

  • Access personal service and editing support upon request.

  • Guarantee article publication within 24 hours of submission.

  • Limited availability: Secure a 77% discount, now only $1350.

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