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Editorial Process

Author Insider's Mission Statement: Author Insider is dedicated to uncovering and sharing the stories that shape the literary landscape. From the latest author news to in-depth business insights, lifestyle trends, impactful narratives, and a rich gallery of author-related content, our mission is to enlighten, inform, and inspire our readers. We are not just a news site; we are a celebration of the literary world and its profound influence on society.

Four Stages of Our Editorial Process


1. Initial Submission Guidelines 

  • During this stage, we receive article submissions from our publishing partners (for those interested in becoming a publishing partner, please contact us here). 

  • Our first step in the submission process is to confirm receipt of each article before advancing that piece to our thorough editorial review process. Our publishing partners are responsible for summarizing the title and size of each piece and any special requests for publication such as to hold the article for a specific edition or inclusion in a seasonal publication.

  • Next, we ensure our fundamental publication requirements are met, including font size and style, formatting, color,, and length of each article submitted. 

  • Should we identify any flaws or missing information with a given submission, we work closely with our publishing partners to reconcile these discrepancies promptly before we progress the article to the next stage of Editorial Review.

  • When you use Value Added Solutions services, after finishing your payment, you will be taken to a page where you can enter the details of the content you want to publish.


2. Editorial Review 

There are two layers of Editorial Review at Author Insider:

  1. Compliance – our fundamental publication requirements include restrictions on content consistent with our ethical responsibilities and modern trends in popular media. Our editorial viewpoint is to publish content that enriches society by providing helpful information that our readership values or finds meaningful. We do not publish hate speech, pornographic content, or content promoting illicit drugs, nor do we promote hate about businesses, cultures, products, or individuals. 

  2. Relevance – our secondary editorial review pillar is that the topic of the submission is relevant or of interest to our readership.


3. Preliminary approval

  • If a submitted article is deemed to pass both layers of our Editorial Review process, we issue what we call a preliminary approval. 

  • The final presented media may appear differently than originally submitted since our preliminary approvals may come with conditions to fix text, correct style or format, or better fit a story in the available space for publication.

4. Final approval 

  • We pride ourselves on promoting an efficient and rigorous process of Editorial Review and Selection. Our criteria are geared toward respect for humanity and what matters to and concerns the State of New York. Once an article has been granted final approval, it will be slated for publication and handed over to our publishing staff who are responsible for slating approved content and formatting fully and correctly in future scheduled online publications. 

  • From the point of final approval, typically the article will be published within one week unless it has been intentionally held for a later season or issue.

Topics that are consistent with Author Insider's interests and mission:

Author News

  • Awards & Recognitions: Covering literary awards, honors, and recognitions received by authors.

  • Upcoming Releases: Information about upcoming books and publications from various authors.

  • Author Interviews: Exclusive interviews with authors discussing their work and insights.

  • Writing Journeys: Stories about authors' paths to writing and their experiences.

  • Industry Updates: News about the publishing industry, including trends and changes.

  • Author Events: Information about book signings, readings, and other author-related events.

  • New Talent Spotlight: Featuring emerging authors and their work.

  • Insights from the Authors: Personal Perspectives on Their Areas of Expertise.



  • Publishing Trends: Latest trends in the publishing industry, including digital publishing.

  • Market Analysis: Insights into the book market, sales trends, and reader demographics.

  • Authorpreneurship: Covering the business side of being an author, including self-publishing.

  • Literary Agents & Deals: News about literary agents and notable book deals.

  • Writing as a Career: Tips and advice for making a career out of writing.

  • Book Marketing & PR: Strategies and trends in marketing and promoting books.

  • Intellectual Property: Information on copyright, trademarks, and other legal aspects.

  • Tech in Publishing: How technology is changing the publishing landscape.



  • Author Lifestyle: Insights into the daily lives and routines of authors.

  • Writing Retreats: Information on retreats and residencies for writers.

  • Books & Culture: How books influence and reflect current culture.

  • Creative Inspiration: Sources of inspiration for writers, from art travel.

  • Work-Life Balance: Balancing writing with personal life and other commitments.

  • Health & Wellness: Focus on mental and physical health for writers.

  • Writing Spaces: Exploring the unique places where authors create their work.

  • Community Engagement: How authors interact with and give back to their communities.



  • Social Influence: How authors and their works influence social issues and change.

  • Educational Impact: The role of authors and books in education and academia.

  • Cultural Significance: Exploring the cultural importance of various authors and works.

  • Environmental Awareness: Authors addressing environmental issues in their work.

  • Human Rights & Advocacy: Authors who advocate for human rights and social justice.

  • Economic Impact: The economic contribution of authors and the literary industry.

  • Technological Influence: The intersection of literature and technological advancements.


Last Updated: 1.26.2024

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