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Ethical Guidelines

Our commitment to upholding publishing ethics is unwavering and forms the cornerstone of our operations. We hold ourselves and our stakeholders to the highest ethical standards, ensuring responsibility and accountability in our publishing practices.

Our Ethical Framework and Stakeholder Roles

In our pursuit of ethical publishing, we clearly define the responsibilities of our authors, editorial partners, editors, and the public, especially in instances where misconduct is alleged. Our editors and authors are granted considerable freedom in selecting and curating content for our publications. However, we maintain the authority to reject or remove content that breaches our ethical guidelines.

Guidelines and Real-world Application

We understand that our guidelines serve as a framework, and real-world scenarios often present complex challenges. Addressing these challenges requires a concerted effort from our team, partners, and readers to uphold ethical standards and maintain the integrity of our operations. Our publishing partners are required to adopt our ethical standards in their content generation and evaluation processes. All submissions are thoroughly vetted against our guidelines to ensure full compliance before publication.

Defining Our Ethical Boundaries

At the heart of our ethical approach is the balance between subjective creativity and the objective principles of truthfulness, editorial integrity, and sincerity. We strictly prohibit the publication of content that endorses hate speech, obscene or explicit sexual material, illegal drugs, plagiarism, unlawful activities, content promoting dangerous or harmful acts, minors in hazardous situations, hacking, harmful instructions, or extremist ideologies. This list is dynamic and subject to periodic updates to reflect societal norms and decency standards.

Our internal compliance team diligently monitors both new submissions and existing content to ensure adherence to our guidelines, which are continually updated to align with evolving societal standards.

Reporting Procedure for Violations

  1. To report a violation, please identify the specific article, including the publication name, article location, page number, and the exact portion of the content in question. Providing a direct link to the article is highly recommended.

  2. Clearly describe the nature of the violation, citing the specific content segment and how it contravenes our guidelines. For instance, in cases of alleged plagiarism, identify both the contentious content and the source.

  3. Submit your complaint, along with any supporting evidence, to our email address:

  4. We request your patience as we conduct a thorough investigation, starting with our intake team and escalating to our compliance department. This process may involve consultations with company leadership, publishing partners, external legal counsel, and, when necessary, law enforcement agencies.

  5. Upon completing our investigation, we will contact you using the information provided in your complaint to inform you of our findings and actions taken.


We are committed to fostering a responsible publishing environment, guided by our unwavering dedication to ethical practices.

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