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Book Sales and Reviews

Boost your book-selling efforts with verified sales and reviews by AuthorInsider's loyal readership club.

We understand that in addition to news articles, biographies, and book exposure featured on AuthorInsider's news platform, it is important for the authors we serve to receive a boost in sales and verified reviews. Therefore, together with our readers' club, who visit our news site just like you, we have developed a quality mechanism for generating sales and reviews through our full-featured articles. It's a small boost with a massive impact!

AuthorInsider's Articles Generate Sales! 

Before booking the service, please note:

For terms and conditions, please follow this link.
For questions regarding the service, please see below.

If you have a question and can't find the answer, please contact us using the contact form.

  • Who Are AuthorInsider's Marketing Packages Designed For?
    Our marketing packages are primarily intended for authors who are either just beginning to market their books and need a boost in sales and reviews to kickstart their reputation, or for those who have reached a marketing plateau and require an increase in sales and reviews to advance their success further.
  • Do You Really Provide Book Sales and Reviews?
    Yes. Real readers from our reader club purchase the books and leave genuine reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. You will receive exactly what is guaranteed in the description of each package.
  • What Formats Do You Support?
    At this time, we only support the Amazon Kindle format. To ensure timely service, our readers purchase only the Amazon Kindle digital format and do not buy physical books.
  • What Will Be the Nature and Level of Reviews?
    The reviews are given by readers after they have finished reading your book. The reviews and ratings are authentic. Before choosing to read your book, readers ensure it interests them, aiming to provide you with a high rating. Most of the ratings will be 4 or 5 stars.
  • How Soon Can I Expect to See the Reviews on Amazon?
    Reading a book, especially one that's engaging, can take some time. We ensure that every reader who commits to your book completes it and posts their review within two to three weeks at most. Additionally, please consider Amazon's review posting process, which may cause reviews to appear several days apart.
  • Is It Possible to Order the Service More Than Once?
    If it is for the same book, there should be a sufficient break of several months between orders. Since our readers' club grows and develops, it is advisable to allow time between orders. As mentioned, the same reader will not purchase and read the book twice.
  • Wikitia - the what? and the why?
    Get Featured on Wikitia - The Best Alternative to Wikipedia! I am excited to introduce an opportunity for you to be featured on Wikitia, the leading alternative to Wikipedia. In today's digital age, maintaining a strong online presence is crucial, and Wikitia provides a credible and affordable solution. Why choose Wikitia? Indexed Credible Celebrity Profile: By creating a page for you on Wikitia, you gain a platform that showcases your achievements, expertise, and contributions. This provides you with a credible online profile that is easily discoverable by search engines. Gateway to Other Celebrity Profiling Websites: Being featured on Wikitia can pave the way to other celebrity profiling websites. It helps establish your presence across multiple platforms, enhancing your reach and visibility. Increased Credibility & Authority: Possessing a Wikitia profile boosts your credibility and authority within your industry. It demonstrates that you are recognized and acknowledged by a reputable platform like Wikitia. Enhanced Online Presence: With Wikitia, your profile is poised to achieve high rankings in search engine results. This ensures that when people search for you online, they are more likely to find and interact with your Wikitia profile. Here is a table summarizing the key differences between Wikitia and Wikipedia: Curation and Verification Process: Wikitia employs a more stringent process, allowing only verified editors to edit articles, whereas Wikipedia's process is less stringent, permitting anyone to edit pages. Who Can Contribute: On Wikitia, only verified editors can contribute, while on Wikipedia, anyone can contribute. Potential for Vandalism and Misinformation: Wikitia pages have lower chances of experiencing spam or vandalism due to the restriction to verified editors, whereas Wikipedia, being open to edits from anyone, has a higher risk of vandalism. Professional Video Intro: Wikitia allows the addition of professional video intros and photos to pages, offering a dynamic way to introduce notable individuals. In contrast, Wikipedia does not support the inclusion of professional video intros, which may limit the visual appeal of its articles. Authority: The Wikitia platform enables the establishment of authority for clients through pages that exclusively feature notable individuals. Wikipedia's stringent notability criteria make it challenging for all but the most notable individuals to have dedicated pages, limiting the establishment of authority for a broader range of clients. Please note: The information provided here was received from Wikitia, and AuthorInsider has no responsibility for the above content.
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