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Dawn F. Landry's Latest Book, "Winning with Whiskers™," Set to Transform Business Dynamics.

Business executive and bestselling author Dawn F. Landry is poised to make waves in the business world once again with the release of her latest book, Winning with Whiskers™: A Business Fable about Overcoming Barriers by Knowing Yourself and Others. Scheduled for release on June 4, 2024, this fictional masterpiece promises to offer profound insights into personal and professional growth.

Winning with Whiskers™ (Source:
Winning with Whiskers™ (Source:

Winning with Whiskers™ is not just another business book. It is a compelling fable that showcases the uniqueness of diverse characters as a client searches for new consultants to service her technical business. The story follows four representatives from competing firms as they navigate their business development journeys, preparing for, conducting themselves during, and following up after an interview with the client. Each character, symbolized by their unique "whiskers," learns to win by knowing and embracing their distinct attributes.

The narrative culminates in a surprising outcome, featuring client debriefs with each character. Beyond its engaging storyline, the book offers practical tools for assessing one’s drivers and reading interpersonal cues effectively. This evergreen fable is a must-read for professionals across all industry sectors and levels eager to advance their careers, expand their internal and external business connections, and enhance their workplace environments.

Landry's goal with this book is clear: to help readers develop self-awareness, understand different personalities, and transform challenges into opportunities for growth and success. She stated, "We all create relationships and influence decisions based on our innate hardwiring. However, we must apply curiosity to discover our uniqueness and how it relates to others.” She continued, “My goal with this book is to demonstrate that all of us have the ability to successfully connect – no matter our character (or whiskers) type."

Dawn F. Landry is not just an author but a renowned business professional with over 31 years of experience, particularly in the corporate real estate industry. She has excelled in business development and marketing leadership positions within Houston’s largest economic development organization and international commercial construction companies. In 2017, she founded Authentizity, LLC, where she serves as an independent B2B growth strategist and a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths® Coach. Her firm provides consulting, training, and coaching services that optimize technical teams' engagement and productivity.

Landry also created BD Dynamics™, Empowering the Technical-Minded, a training program designed to advance the accountability, intentionality, and measurability of technical professionals’ competencies within their relationship cultivation and advancement processes.

With Winning with Whiskers™, Dawn F. Landry continues to build on her legacy of empowering professionals to harness their unique strengths, foster meaningful connections, and achieve unparalleled success in their careers. As the release date approaches, anticipation is building for what promises to be an essential addition to the library of any ambitious professional.

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