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Fares Ksebati: Transforming Swimming Performance and Health Through Innovative Coaching and Writing.

Fares Ksebati, a name synonymous with swimming excellence and entrepreneurial success, has made significant waves in the swimming world. As a trusted swim coach, accomplished author, and visionary entrepreneur, Fares has dedicated his life to helping individuals reach their full potential both in and out of the water. With over one million community members and partnerships with some of the biggest brands globally, his influence is undeniable.

Fares Ksebati (Source:
Fares Ksebati (Source:

Fares co-founded MySwimPro, a platform that revolutionizes swimming training through personalized coaching and community support. Recognized by Apple as the Best App of the Year, MySwimPro has garnered attention from major publications such as Sports Illustrated, Forbes, and Men’s Health. The app’s success underscores Fares' commitment to improving performance and health through swimming.

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Fares is the author of two highly acclaimed books: "Swim Like A Pro" and "101 Ways to Swim Faster." These books offer comprehensive guides for swimmers of all levels, focusing on enhancing performance, technique, and overall health.

"Swim Like A Pro" is a holistic manual that covers everything from stroke technique and training to nutrition and injury prevention. Fares emphasizes a well-rounded approach, combining physical, mental, and nutritional strategies to help swimmers achieve their goals. The book’s resources, coupled with an online course, provide a thorough understanding of swimming fundamentals, strength and conditioning, and smart training practices.

"Swim Like A Pro" is not just a technical guide but also a source of inspiration. Through a series of motivating stories and practical advice, Fares encourages swimmers to set SMART goals and pursue their dreams with determination. His approach helps swimmers move through the water with less energy, focusing on efficiency and enjoyment.

"101 Ways to Swim Faster," on the other hand, is a must-read for anyone serious about improving their swimming speed. The book contains 101 chapters, plus five bonus chapters with 15 specialized workouts designed for speed enhancement. Fares shares invaluable insights into generating power in the water, using resistance equipment, and training out of the water to swim faster. The book also delves into the importance of nutrition and recovery in achieving peak performance.

Fares’ commitment to swimming extends beyond his books and app. He is an avid world traveler, keynote speaker, and Bosphorus Cross-continental swimmer. As a three-time U.S. Masters Swimming national champion, Fares brings a wealth of personal experience to his coaching. His goal is to inspire and empower others to take action on their dreams, advocating for a growth mindset and continuous self-improvement.

His entrepreneurial journey is marked by numerous accolades and recognition. Fares' work has been featured by Apple, Forbes, the New York Times, Crains, and Arab America, among others. His influence in the swimming community is profound, helping countless individuals improve their technique, performance, and overall health.

Fares Ksebati's story is one of passion, dedication, and innovation. Through MySwimPro, his books, and his coaching, Fares continues to make a significant impact on the swimming community. He empowers swimmers to not only achieve their goals in the pool but also to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. His holistic approach to swimming and his relentless pursuit of excellence serve as an inspiration to all aspiring swimmers and entrepreneurs.

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