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New Book "Hiding Behind My Bipolar Mask" Offers Insights into Bipolar II Disorder Through Poetry.

In a striking new contribution to mental health literature, Yorktown-based author Onya Page has released "Hiding Behind My Bipolar Mask," a poignant collection of poems that delve into the heart of living with Bipolar II Disorder. This collection not only graces bookshelves but has also captivated the attention of readers and advocates across various platforms, enriching the ongoing conversation about mental health.

Hiding Behind My Bipolar Mask (Source: Amazon)
Hiding Behind My Bipolar Mask (Source: Amazon)

Onya Page, who has faced her own struggles with Bipolar II Disorder, crafts verses that reach out to those who may also be 'hiding behind their masks.' Her work offers a profound glimpse into the highs and lows that characterize this condition, and seeks to provide solace and strength to others. "This collection is more than just poems; it's my life, my pains, and my triumphs," Page remarks. "I wrote it not just for myself but for others who hide behind their masks, hoping they find solace and strength in my words."

The book breaks down barriers of silence and stigma, laying bare the nuanced realities of living with a mental health challenge. Through her candid portrayal, Page invites readers into a world where the line between mania and depression blurs, offering a raw and real look at the human experience behind the diagnosis.

Since its release, "Hiding Behind My Bipolar Mask" has sparked discussions in book clubs, mental health forums, and on social media, resonating with a diverse audience. The impact of Page’s words extends beyond individual readers, fostering a broader understanding and dialogue about mental health.

In this touching collection, readers will find verses that convey a spectrum of emotions, providing comfort and companionship through the journey of inner struggles. Each poem is a step towards confronting the shadows and embracing the light within, offering readers solace, inspiration, and the comforting reminder that they are not alone.

Page's commitment to raising awareness and fostering a supportive community is evident throughout her work. "Hiding Behind My Bipolar Mask" is available for purchase in bookstores and online, offering a vital resource for anyone looking to better understand the complexities of mental health through the universal language of poetry.

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