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Sci-Fi Luminary Steve Miller Passes, Leaving a Universe of Legacy.

Renowned science fiction author Steve Miller passed away at his Waterville home on Tuesday. Miller, aged 73, leaves behind an indelible legacy in the science fiction genre, notably through his collaborative work with his wife, Sharon Lee. The couple is celebrated for creating the Liaden Universe series, which spans 25 books and is beloved for its rich space opera narratives that delve into the intricate interpersonal relationships across a vast cosmic setting.

Steve and Sharon Lee (Source:
Steve and Sharon Lee (Source:

Miller was discovered by his wife, unresponsive, after he mentioned going for a walk. The exact cause of his passing was not disclosed. Together with Lee, Miller was a cornerstone of the science fiction community, known for their engaging storytelling and complex character creations that have captivated millions of readers worldwide.

The couple's journey began in Baltimore, transitioning to Skowhegan in 1988, the same year their groundbreaking novel "Agent of Change" was released, marking the beginning of the Liaden Universe series. Their partnership extended beyond their professional lives, as they shared a bond over writing since meeting in 1976, leading to their marriage in 1980. Lee fondly remembered their collaborative process, highlighting Miller's passion for worldbuilding and exploring the nuances of 'truth' through their characters and narratives.

Steve Miller's contribution to science fiction and his collaborative works with Sharon Lee have left a lasting impact on the genre, ensuring his stories continue to inspire and entertain future generations.

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