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Exclusive Editorial and Publishing Services

Author Insider, via its Ambassador's Department, exclusively provides three specific services for a fee, as detailed in our Terms and Conditions. Please note that these rates are subject to periodic changes.

All services are governed by the conditions outlined on the Terms and Conditions page. Utilizing and ordering these services signifies complete and unconditional acceptance of these terms.

Collaboration with Wikitia

Our special collaboration with Wikitia enables you to create a substantial page, offering a notable alternative to Wikipedia. A Wikitia page significantly aids in building online reputation, organic promotion, and is especially influential in discovering new authors aspiring to make their mark in the writing world.

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Sponsored Content

We permit the publication of sponsored articles on the Author Insider site, provided they align with the site's objectives and policies. Such articles will be clearly labeled as sponsored content.
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Writing a Biography

Our professional editors can craft biographies that attractively reflect your personality and works, and optimally tell your life story.

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