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Brian Leslie Unveils 'Building 5': A Thrilling Dive into the World of Covert Interrogation.

Updated: Apr 9

Renowned expert in coercive interrogation techniques, Brian Leslie, has ventured into the fictional realm with his latest thriller, "Building 5." This novel transports readers into the clandestine operations of Black Shadow, a covert Interrogation Unit specializing in enhanced interrogation methods.

Building 5 (Source:
Building 5 (Source:

Operating out of a top-secret facility in the United States, known only as "Building 5," the unit's enigmatic activities lend a suspenseful backdrop to Leslie's narrative. The story centers on John "Shadow 1" Callahan, a master interrogator within Black Shadow, renowned for his ability to procure information from the most unyielding of subjects.

Transitioning from his well-received non-fiction works, "Deception Of A Witness" and "Visual Liar," Leslie presents "Building 5" as a thrilling exploration into the covert world of espionage. The novel promises to engage readers with its rich character development and complex plot twists, offering a vivid glimpse into the secretive domain of intelligence gathering and high-stakes interrogation.

Leslie has also announced a sequel to "Building 5," titled "Black Shadow," slated for release in mid-March 2024, further expanding upon the dark and thrilling universe he has created.

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