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Bruce Bellocchi's "PATCH" Strikes Emotional Chord, Wins Global Acclaim.

Filmmaker Bruce Bellocchi, known for his previous works "The Legend of Jack and Diane" and "Love Kills," has struck a poignant note in the cinematic world with his latest film, "PATCH." This dark and emotional boxing drama not only showcases Bellocchi's multifaceted talents as writer, producer, director, and actor, but also delves deep into the complex emotional landscapes of its characters, garnering international praise and several awards.

Patch - release poster
Patch - release poster

"PATCH" follows Toby "Patch" Feldman, portrayed by Bellocchi, an aging boxing trainer haunted by the murder of his family. Feldman's sharp wit and biting humor provide moments of laughter, yet it's his profound internal struggle that captivates audiences, reflecting a performance depth that has earned Bellocchi best actor honors at prestigious film festivals including the Rome Indy Festival and the ONIROS Film Awards in New York. The film itself has clinched the title of Best Narrative Feature at The Cannes Arts Film Festival in France.

The narrative weaves a tale of familial ties and personal redemption, with Diana Popick playing Feldman’s estranged daughter, and Paul Faust as his methodical and charismatic older brother. Xavi Israel also stars as the determined middle-aged boxer Willie Monroe, adding to the film’s dynamic range of characters. The story culminates in unexpected twists, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats till the final scenes.

Bellocchi reveals that the film is rooted in real-life experiences from his days as a boxing trainer, particularly his relationship with former professional heavyweight boxer Jayce Monroe, who inspired the film’s storyline and makes a cameo appearance.

Reflecting on his journey, Bellocchi credits his success to his robust support system, particularly his long-time partner Paul Faust, who he says has been instrumental in assembling a "dream team" that includes Edward Lake of The Lake Law Firms, Matthew Klein of Spirit Airlines, Joseph Princz of global digital marketing firm "Wrecking Ball," and Robert Liff, a recent addition to the team.

As "PATCH" continues to resonate with audiences and critics worldwide, it stands as a testament to Bellocchi's artistic vision and the collaborative spirit of his team, highlighting an exceptional blend of personal storytelling and cinematic excellence.

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