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Yara Estrada Lowe Shines in Hollywood Debut with Groundbreaking Film 'DEMISE' During International Women's Month.

In a striking debut that's capturing the attention of North America during International Women's Month, Yara Estrada Lowe emerges as a fresh and compelling force in filmmaking with her first cinematic venture, “DEMISE.” Celebrated for her unique narrative approach and visually arresting filmmaking style, Estrada Lowe is quickly carving out her space in Hollywood as an innovative Latina voice.

Estrada Lowe's commitment to weaving authentic stories and fostering diversity on screen shines through in her latest project. “DEMISE,” an erotic thriller, is captivating viewers with its intense plot, breathtaking cinematography, and stellar performances, earning widespread acclaim. The film is noted for its predominantly female cast and crew, highlighting over 25 talented women from various backgrounds.

The film features Carlo Mendez, Liz Fenning, Crystal Hernandez, and includes Morris Jude, Richard Rivera, Lucy Serrano, Caitlin Rose Williams, and Lamar Alexander in its cast. Behind the scenes, “DEMISE” is brought to life by executive producers Steven Lowe, Jon Eichelberger, Jeff Olan, and Erman Baradi, with Yara Estrada Lowe, Annabelle Munro, and Mycole Metcalf producing. The visual storytelling is enhanced by Justin Aguirre's cinematography and the editing expertise of Lawrence Jordan, ACE.

Set against the backdrop of contemporary Los Angeles, “DEMISE” delves into the complex life of Caleb Castillo, a Latino landscaper caught in a passionate love triangle with the up-and-coming fashion icon Fiona Hernandez and his devoted wife, Celine. The narrative escalates when Caleb's decision leads to a thrilling, noir-inspired saga of love and betrayal.

Yara Estrada Lowe expressed her enthusiasm for storytelling, emphasizing the significance of bringing “DEMISE” to audiences through Gravitas Ventures. She highlighted the importance of amplifying voices that are often overlooked in the film industry.

Estrada Lowe's directorial debut is a testament to her dedication to authentic Latino representation in cinema. Her distinctive voice and directorial skill have not only won over moviegoers but have also drawn the attention of industry professionals.

As the film industry evolves, Yara Estrada Lowe stands out as a dynamic writer and director whose passion for storytelling and deep connection with her audience herald her as a significant new talent in the world of cinema.

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