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Discover Your True Self with “Re-becoming You”: A New Book by Bethany Johnson.

In a society where social norms often dictate our every move, finding a deeper connection with our true selves can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Bethany Johnson, an acclaimed sociology professor and now an author, offers a transformative solution with her new book, "Re-becoming You: The Liberating Power in Letting Go of Unnecessary Social Expectations."

A Journey of Self-Discovery

"Re-becoming You" invites readers on a profound journey to peel away the layers of social expectations that obscure their core identities. Divided into ten sections, each containing five distinct perspectives, the book provides daily readings that last just 5-10 minutes. These concise yet impactful passages challenge societal standards and empower readers to embrace their authentic selves.

Practical and Insightful

Johnson's book is not merely theoretical; it is a practical guide designed to foster real change. Each section focuses on specific societal expectations, offering readers actionable steps to shift their mindsets and liberate themselves from the burdens imposed by others. By engaging in intentional daily actions, readers can integrate new insights into their lives, paving the way for meaningful personal growth and self-discovery.

Johnson emphasizes that our true selves have always been present but are often hidden beneath layers of other people's expectations. Her book encourages readers to shed these layers and become who they were meant to be, rather than who society dictates they should be.

About the Author

Bethany Johnson brings a wealth of experience and insight to her writing. A wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and college professor, she has dedicated her life to understanding and teaching about social dynamics. Johnson holds an undergraduate degree in Applied Sociology, a master's in Sociology, and a doctorate in Workforce Education.

Her career began in social services, where she helped single mothers improve their employment opportunities. She then transitioned to education, becoming a GED instructor and later a college professor, teaching Sociology and Cultural Anthropology. Recognized as one of the "40 Most Influential Women Over 40" by Brooke Shields and her community, Beginning is Now, Johnson has also contributed to online women's magazines Prime Women and I Am Honeygood.

Johnson resides on her family farm in rural Georgia with her husband, son, father, four dogs, and two cats. When she is not teaching or writing, she enjoys spending time outdoors at their lake house, walking with family and friends, or practicing her new skill of canning food.

A Book for Everyone

"Re-becoming You" is a must-read for anyone feeling constrained by societal norms and seeking to reconnect with their true selves. Johnson's insightful and practical approach offers a roadmap to personal liberation and self-acceptance, making this book a valuable addition to the journey of self-discovery.

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