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"Fish Scales" Triumphs at Chanticleer 2024 International Book Awards.

Lynn Yvonne Moon’s novel, "Fish Scales," has taken top honors at the prestigious Chanticleer 2024 International Book Awards, winning 1st place in the Dante Rossetti Young Adult category. This accolade cements Moon’s status as a compelling voice in international fiction, celebrated for her poignant storytelling and deep exploration of human emotions.

"Fish Scales" delves into the profound and universal theme of coping with the death of a loved one. The novel follows Jarrod, a young man grappling with the shattering revelation that everything he believed to be true was, in fact, a lie. This internal turmoil is compounded by his spiritual crisis, questioning why a higher power would allow the death of his beloved princess.

The story takes readers on a journey with Jarrod to Hawaii, where he lays his goddess from a distant, exotic world to rest. Upon returning, he is determined to unravel the mystery behind her sudden death. Throughout this journey, Jarrod navigates the stages of grief, denial, and anger, and ultimately bargains with the gods to help him overcome his profound depression. The narrative poignantly questions if Jarrod’s love for her in life can translate into the strength to let her go in death.

Lynn Yvonne Moon, an esteemed American author residing in the United States, is known for her ability to captivate readers with emotionally charged and realistic stories. "Fish Scales" is no exception, offering a touching exploration of young love and the raw, often painful path to acceptance and healing. Readers are invited to walk alongside Jarrod and Dru, experiencing the intensity and excitement of romance and the bittersweet journey of letting go.

Moon's literary acclaim extends beyond "Fish Scales." She is also the author of the successful Agency Series, which delves into the ramifications of unlimited government power and money. Drawing on her extensive experience working for both state and federal government since the 1990s, Moon weaves intricate tales of political corruption and espionage. Her first novel, "When Souls Collide," introduces readers to the ultimate power of The Agency, followed by "What Rings True," which explores the consequences of unchecked political authority. "Dysfunctional Bloodline" follows a family serial killer seeking revenge, and her fourth novel, "In The Defendant’s Chair," tackles the controversial topic of genetic tampering.

Moon’s dedication to thorough research and her fearless pursuit of truth shine through in her writing. Her ability to navigate dangerous and mysterious paths, combined with her willingness to ask every imaginable question, brings authenticity and depth to her stories.

As Lynn Yvonne Moon continues to make waves in the literary world, "Fish Scales" stands as a testament to her talent and her profound ability to touch the hearts of readers. Her success at the Chanticleer 2024 International Book Awards is a milestone in a career marked by compelling narratives and thought-provoking themes.

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