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From Ad Exec to Children's Author: Kevin Rooney's Creative Leap into Literature.

In an inspiring turn of events, Kevin Rooney, a seasoned marketing executive in the hospitality industry, has embarked on an adventurous side hustle that might just leave an indelible mark on the world of children's literature. The man once known for his prowess in advertising Florida's finest eateries has penned his first children’s book, "Mr. Tootsee McGootsee," a whimsical tale that promises to elicit giggles from its young audience while subtly teaching them about etiquette.

Kevin Rooney (Source: Amazon)
Kevin Rooney (Source: Amazon)

Rooney's journey into the realm of storytelling began in an unlikely setting: the vibrant world of sports marketing and sales, where he honed his skills for over two decades. Today, as the vice president of marketing and advertising for Phelan Family Brands, Rooney crafts campaigns for popular Florida restaurants such as Pinchers and Deep Lagoon Seafood. However, it's his recent venture into children’s literature that has sparked a new kind of buzz around his name.

The inspiration for Rooney’s literary debut traces back to a cherished childhood memory in his Canadian hometown, where he once met the beloved children’s author Robert Munsch. Holding onto a signed copy of one of Munsch's classics, Rooney harbored a deep-seated appreciation for the magic of storytelling that would eventually fuel his own creative pursuits.

"Mr. Tootsee McGootsee" emerged from the laughter and whimsy of family dinners with Rooney's daughters, Erin, 11, and Shealah, 8. The story’s protagonist, born from the playful banter surrounding the dinner table, serves as a humorous conduit for etiquette lessons surrounding a topic that never fails to amuse children: bodily functions. The book is not just an endeavor in entertainment but a testament to Rooney's ingenuity in turning everyday moments into lessons wrapped in laughter.

Rooney's literary aspirations didn't materialize overnight. A lifelong reader and writer, he contributed to his high school newspaper and later pursued journalism in college. The blend of his professional experience in marketing, his academic background, and his role as a father have all converged to reignite his creative spark, leading him down the path of children’s literature.

As Rooney reflects on the influence his daughters have had on his writing, he acknowledges the significance of their nightly reading rituals. It was through these intimate moments of shared storytelling that the character of Tootsee McGootsee came to life, evolving from a family inside joke to the centerpiece of Rooney's debut book.

Now, with "Mr. Tootsee McGootsee" on the brink of publication and several more ideas simmering, Rooney stands at the threshold of a new chapter in his career. What began as a playful nod to family quirks has blossomed into a potential legacy, one that sees a seasoned ad man transforming into a beacon of creativity for the next generation of readers.

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