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Jay Shetty: Transforming Wisdom into Action - A Journey from Monastic Life to Global Mindfulness Mastery.

Jay Shetty, a visionary born on the 6th of September, 1987 in the bustling city of London, has emerged as a transformative figure in the realms of personal development and mindfulness. His British-Indian heritage and introspective nature as a child laid the groundwork for his future endeavors as a thought leader and influencer.

Jay Shetty (Source:
Jay Shetty (Source:

Shetty's early fascination with making a meaningful impact led him to a pivotal encounter with a monk. This experience profoundly shifted his perspective on success, steering him towards a life dedicated to service and meaningful impact. During his academic years, Shetty's summers were spent in the company of monks in India, absorbing their teachings and wisdom.

Post his graduation from Cass Business School with top honors in Management Science in 2010, Shetty found himself at a crossroads, seeking alignment between his academic achievements and his inner calling. This quest led him to embrace the life of a Hindu monk in India and the UK for a transformative three-year period. Embracing asceticism, he delved deep into the practices of meditation and Eastern philosophy.

Returning to London in 2013, Shetty began to apply and share his insights on mindfulness in corporate settings, starting with a role at Accenture. His unique blend of monastic wisdom and modern practicality caught the eye of Arianna Huffington, leading to a pivotal move to New York in 2016 to join HuffPost Rise as a host.

2019 marked the launch of Shetty's groundbreaking podcast, "On Purpose," which quickly ascended to the top of global Health and Wellness charts. The podcast, featuring conversations with luminaries across various fields, has become a source of inspiration and insight for millions.

Shetty's literary debut, "Think Like A Monk," released in 2020, captured the essence of his monastic learnings and soared to the top of bestseller lists. The book serves as a guide to finding inner peace and purpose in the modern world.

Amidst the global pandemic, Shetty's commitment to making a difference shone brightly. He led a widespread meditation initiative and, alongside his wife Radhi, raised significant funds for Covid relief in India. His philanthropic efforts were recognized with the Philanthropist of the Year award by Pencils of Promise.

Following the success of his first book, Shetty penned "8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go," in 2023, which also achieved bestseller status. His global tour, "Jay Shetty: Love Rules," further extended his reach, connecting with audiences around the world through a unique blend of meditation and experiential learning.

Shetty's entrepreneurial spirit led to the founding of House of 1212, a talent agency, and the launch of Juni, an adaptogenic tea brand, in 2023. His accolades include Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition, multiple Streamy Awards, and appearances in top-tier publications and television shows.

As the founder of the Jay Shetty Certification School, Shetty imparts life coaching skills to individuals and organizations. His "Genius Community" offers weekly programming on health and wellness to a global audience.

Residing in Los Angeles with his wife, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, Jay Shetty continues to be a beacon of inspiration and transformation, spreading his message of love, purpose, and positive change across the world.


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