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Lev Mikulitski: A Serial Tech-Entrepreneur's Transformation into an Author and Mentor.

In a world overwhelmed with information yet starved for genuine guidance, Lev Mikulitski emerges as a beacon of mentorship, particularly in personal development, communication, and overcoming past traumas. His journey, marked by resilience and adaptability, offers valuable lessons for today's generation.

Lev Mikulitski
Lev Mikulitski

Lev's story is one of turning life's lemons into lemonade. Born in Uzbekistan in 1981 to a Jewish family, he moved to Israel in 1991 amidst tumultuous times, including the Gulf War. These early experiences shaped him into a person of ambition, resilience, and diligence.

Lev initially studied at the Hebrew Gymnasium "Herzliya," the world's first Hebrew-speaking high school, before pursuing higher education in Economics and Management at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His academic journey led him to explore a variety of fields, including persuasive communication, advertising, and corporate strategy. Driven by a natural inclination to nurture and educate, Lev turned to writing, with a focus on personal and business empowerment.

His literary contributions span a range of topics. He has authored strategy and growth-oriented books such as 'Mind Blast,' 'Better than Money,' 'Deceptive Warfare,' 'Sun Tzu in Pajamas,' and 'Banking Unchained.' Additionally, Lev has written growth-focused literature for children and their parents, including the 'Mr. Who' series and 'Future-ready Kids.' These works collectively showcase his dedication to empowering and educating others.

Lev's Resilient Path

Lev's migration from Uzbekistan to Israel during the Gulf War was just the beginning of his challenging journey. Growing up amidst Scud attacks and terrorist threats, he attended the renowned Hebrew Gymnasium “Herzliya” and later studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His strategic mindset, developed early in life, became a guiding principle, encapsulated in the mantra, “If you do X, then you get Y.”

His career in advertising and persuasive communication began at the Adler-Chomsky Group, a Grey (WPP) affiliate. There, Lev refined his skills in strategic communication, helping both Israeli and international companies enhance their market presence. A CEO once remarked to him, “You are not just strategists; you are creators, shaping a new reality that will one day fill the pages of books.” True to these words, Lev has now embraced authorship, sharing his wealth of experience and insights.

Lev's Unique Writing Perspective

Despite lacking formal writing training, Lev's books are rich with insights and wisdom from his years as a strategist. His writing reflects his diverse experiences and endeavors.

'Mind Blast' is crafted to help readers navigate life's tumultuous challenges, equipping them with tools to manage turbulent situations. It encourages readers to proactively shape their life's trajectory.

In 'Mr. Who’s Remarkable Expeditions,' Lev, a father of three, focuses on child development and the early cultivation of soft skills. The adventures of Mr. Who serve as both educational and inspirational tools for children and parents alike.

'Banking Unchained' addresses the burgeoning interest in cryptocurrencies, offering a comprehensive guide for beginners. It explores the vast potential of crypto trading with expert insights and thorough analysis.

Lev continues to expand his influence through his books, while also growing professionally in consultancy and technology. His career experiences enrich his writing, providing readers with practical guides interwoven with insights from real-life events.

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