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John L. Hurlbut Unveils "Citizen Can": A Deep Dive into the Fabric of Good Citizenship.

In his latest literary offering, "Citizen Can," celebrated author John L. Hurlbut presents a compelling examination of what it means to be a good citizen. Drawing upon his rich tapestry of personal experiences, Hurlbut crafts a narrative that prompts readers to contemplate their civic duties and the power of positive engagement in society.

Citizen Can (Source: Amazon)
Citizen Can (Source: Amazon)

"Citizen Can" ventures into the essence of citizenship, positioning the United States as a focal point while underscoring its global relevance. Through the lens of his own life, Hurlbut elucidates the fundamental virtues of citizenship, enriched by quotations on the subject from every U.S. President, underscoring the timeless significance of civic duty. The book navigates through the challenges that impede the cultivation of responsible citizens, proposing actionable strategies to overcome these barriers. Hurlbut's latest work is not just informative; it's a clarion call for individuals to step up as pillars of their communities.

John L. Hurlbut's story is a testament to the American spirit. Rising from modest beginnings in rural Virginia, his journey took him from the battlefields of Vietnam to the hallowed halls of Fordham University in New York City. A distinguished career in finance and leadership followed, with Hurlbut attributing his success to the values of love and the golden rule, a legacy of his grandmother's teachings. A devoted husband to Nena for half a century and a proud father and grandfather, Hurlbut's life is as rich and inspiring as the narratives he weaves.

"Citizen Can" is more than a book; it's an invitation to engage, reflect, and act in the service of building a better society. Available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Hurlbut's work is a must-read for anyone committed to the ideals of citizenship in the 21st century.

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