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Lisa Nichols: From Single Mother to Global Motivator and Bestselling Author

Lisa Nichols stands as an iconic figure in the world of motivational speaking and personal development, leading a media empire that has touched the lives of nearly 80 million individuals globally. From her humble beginnings as a single mother on public assistance to her rise as a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa embodies the essence of resilience and hope, inspiring people worldwide to explore their untapped potential and pursue greatness.

Lisa Nichols (Source:
Lisa Nichols (Source:

At the helm of Motivating the Masses, Inc., Lisa has pioneered life-changing workshops and programs that have not only transformed individual lives but have also introduced innovative practices in the business world across continents.

Lisa's literary achievements include authoring six best-sellers, with her seventh book, "Abundance Now," released in 2016 by HarperCollins. This publication builds upon her narrative, offering actionable strategies for personal success, drawing from her own remarkable journey. It complements her earlier work, the New York Times Best Seller, "No Matter What."

Lisa's personal evolution from reliance on public support to leading a thriving multi-million dollar enterprise is a testament to her deep-seated belief in the power of self-empowerment. Her story and teachings have captivated a worldwide audience, earning her a revered spot in the hearts of many.

A sought-after guest on major media outlets, including Oprah, The Today Show, The Dr. Phil Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and Extra, Lisa has utilized these platforms to extend her message of inspiration and transformation. Beyond her professional milestones, Lisa is passionately dedicated to youth empowerment. Through her non-profit organization, Motivating the Teen Spirit, she has made a significant impact on over 270,000 teens, dramatically reducing teen suicides, encouraging school re-enrollment, and fostering family reconciliation.

Lisa's profound impact has been recognized with numerous awards, such as the Humanitarian Award from South Africa, The Ambassador Award, and the LEGO Foundation’s Heart of Learning Award. Additionally, the cities of Henderson, Nevada; San Diego, California; and Houston, Texas have each proclaimed a day in honor of her contributions towards motivating both the young and the old.

Living in the greater San Diego area, California, Lisa Nichols continues to spread her empowering message across the globe, backed by the dedicated team at Motivating the Masses.

Lisa Nichols is not only a New York Times bestselling author with titles like "No Matter What!" but also a recurring motivational coach on The Steve Harvey Show and the Today Show. As one of the few African-American female entrepreneurs to take her company public, Nichols has co-authored with Jack Canfield in "Chicken Soup for the African-American Soul" and "Chicken Soup for the African-American Woman’s Soul." A pivotal figure in the movie "The Secret," Lisa imparts life-enhancing principles and practices that encourage people to lead lives of greater fulfillment, abundance, and joy.


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