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Literary Luminary Mario Levi Leaves Legacy at 66 in Beloved Istanbul.

The literary world mourns the loss of Mario Levi, a celebrated Turkish author and esteemed communication instructor, who passed away at the age of 66 in his cherished city of Istanbul this Wednesday.

Mario Levi (Source:
Mario Levi (Source:

His passing was confirmed through a heartfelt announcement on Buart Art Sanat Atölyesi's social media, which described Levi as "the dynamic and powerful pen of our literature" and a "unique individual." The statement extended gratitude towards Levi's literary contributions and offered condolences to his family and a wide circle of admirers.

Levi, born in 1957 in Istanbul, was a proud alumnus of Saint Michel French High School and Istanbul University, where he pursued French and Romance Philology. His literary journey began in 1975, and he actively contributed to various publications starting in 1984.

Levi's literary debut was marked by the publication of "Jacques Brel: A Lonely Man" in 1986, followed by his acclaimed short story collection "Not Being Able to Go to a City" in 1990, which won him the Haldun Taner Short Story Award. His narrative prowess continued to flourish with subsequent works, notably "Madame Floridis May Not Return" in 1991 and "Our Best Love Story" in 1992. His magnum opus, "Istanbul Was a Fairy Tale," completed over six years and published in 1999, fetched him the Yunus Nadi Novel Award in 2000.

Beyond his literary achievements, Levi was known for his multifaceted career, including stints in teaching, journalism, radio, and advertising, alongside conducting creative writing workshops. His departure leaves a void in the hearts of those who were touched by his words and wisdom.

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