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Local Duo Crafts Inspirational Children's Book on Unlikely Equine Hero.

Local Duo Crafts Inspirational Children's Book on Unlikely Equine Hero

"A Tale of Triumph: Taylor the Therapeutic Mustang" unveils the heartwarming saga of Taylor, a mustang with a notable lineage from Devil’s Garden, who transforms into a cherished member of the Saddle Pals therapeutic riding community.

This remarkable narrative, penned by Courtney Ferguson and brought to life through Marilyn Scholl's illustrations, celebrates Taylor's journey from the wilderness to becoming a beacon of hope and healing. Taylor, named affectionately after the iconic guitar brand, embodies resilience, humor, and an unexpected musical grace.

Ferguson, combining her deep understanding of horses with Scholl's artistic prowess, pays homage to Taylor's extraordinary transition. Despite the odds against mature, untamed mustangs becoming integral to therapy for children with special needs, Taylor's immense compassion and gentle spirit proved transformative.

Ferguson recalls the pivotal moment of meeting Taylor at a former animal shelter, struck by his intelligence and nobility. "Embarking on taming a wild mustang was uncharted territory for me," she shares. "Yet, Taylor's impact has been profound, teaching invaluable lessons of empathy and connection."

Scholl, a resident of Stone Hollow Farm in Grass Valley and a veteran in equine art, embraced the unique challenge of depicting Taylor's story for young readers. "Blending my passions for horses and art to share Taylor's tale has been incredibly fulfilling," Scholl remarks, noting how Taylor has also captured the hearts of her grandchildren.

Together, Ferguson and Scholl care for seven horses, showcasing their diverse experience in the equestrian world. From Ferguson's dressage background in England to Scholl's hunter/jumper achievements, their shared journey into dressage further unites them.

"A Tale of Triumph: Taylor the Therapeutic Mustang" is more than a story; it's a testament to the unlikely heroes among us. Available at local bookstores such as Harmony Books and SPD, as well as online through Amazon, this book promises to inspire and enchant young equine enthusiasts.

Ferguson is also an active participant in the Writers Meet-up group, which convenes monthly at the Nevada County Economic Resources Center offices. This community of writers supports each other from manuscript to publication, celebrating each success as a collective victory.

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