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"Papi, Por Favor!" Explores the Heartfelt Journey of a Teenage Girl in a Complex Family Dynamic.

In an era where young adult fiction often gravitates towards dystopian futures and fantastical realms, Rossana Snee's latest novel, "Papi, Por Favor!," stands out by delving into the poignant and relatable journey of adolescence and family life. This touching story follows Madison Michaels, a sixteen-year-old girl who, after the tragic loss of her parents, is adopted by the Pérez family. What ensues is a gripping narrative filled with secrets, emotional struggles, and the quest for self-identity.

Rossana Snee (Source:
Rossana Snee (Source:

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Long Shore High, Madison's new life unfolds with her adoptive twin sisters, Martha "Caro" and Martha "Tina," and their close-knit friends, Mari and Elena. As Madison navigates the typical trials of teenage life—crushes, friendships, and school drama—she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Ben Warren, a new transfer student with a mysterious and troubled past. The connection between Madison and Ben becomes a focal point of the novel, adding layers of intrigue and romance to the narrative.

Rossana Snee, who brings a wealth of personal experience to her storytelling, crafts a narrative that is both humorous and deeply moving. Drawing from her background as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and her own life experiences, Snee explores themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery with a deft hand. Her understanding of human emotions and family dynamics shines through, making "Papi, Por Favor!" a compelling read for both teenagers and adults.

"Papi, Por Favor! is a bittersweet romance inspired by true events," says Snee. "It's a story that explores the complexities of family dynamics, hidden feelings, and the journey to finding one's voice." This authenticity is reflected in the characters' struggles and triumphs, making their experiences resonate deeply with readers.

Originally from Havana, Cuba, Rossana Snee has a Master’s Degree in psychology from Antioch University and is dedicated to helping individuals on their healing journeys through her work with Talkspace. Her passion for empowering those who have yet to find their voice is evident in her writing, which aims to alleviate psychological pain and foster self-discovery.

Snee's storytelling journey began at age eleven, inspired by classic horror tales, particularly Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 film "The Birds." "Papi, Por Favor!" marks her first foray into young adult fiction, blending complex family dynamics, conflicted emotions, and teen friendships into a narrative that leaves readers smiling through their tears.

In addition to "Papi, Por Favor!," Snee is the author of "The Healing Alphabet, 26 Empowering Ways to Enrich Your Life," a motivational guide designed to inspire and empower readers. Her ability to weave heartfelt stories with a touch of humor ensures that her works leave a lasting impact on her audience.

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