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Renowned Mental Health Expert Dr. Jan Lightfoot to Present “So Who's Crazy?” at Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

At the upcoming Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, attendees will have the unique opportunity to delve into the pages of Dr. Jan Lightfoot’s thought-provoking new book, “So Who’s Crazy?”.

 So Who's Crazy (Source: Amazon)
So Who's Crazy (Source: Amazon)

The event, which draws book lovers and literary enthusiasts from across the nation, will be held on April 20-21, 2024, at the University of Southern California. Dr. Lightfoot will be featured at Booth 182 in the Gold Zone, hosted by the respected publishing house, Inks and Bindings.

“So Who’s Crazy?” offers a gripping examination of the often overlooked adversities within the U.S. healthcare and legal systems. Through her compelling narrative, Dr. Lightfoot, a seasoned mental health professional and former federal employee, exposes systemic abuses that she argues can unjustly disrupt lives under the guise of protection and care. The book springs from her personal experiences with the Veterans Administration and the Department of Labor, which, after a work-related injury, wrongfully labeled her as a potential threat. This mischaracterization led to significant personal and professional consequences, shaping the foundation of her book.

Dr. Lightfoot’s narrative extends beyond her personal story to challenge the broader practices of predatory psychiatric evaluations and involuntary commitments. She sheds light on the institutional failures to safeguard those they purport to serve, making a compelling case for sweeping reforms in mental health advocacy, legal systems, and civil rights protections.

The book is especially timely, resonating with a growing audience concerned with mental health issues and the integrity of institutional systems in America. At the Festival of Books, Dr. Lightfoot is expected to engage in meaningful discussions with the audience, further unpacking the critical themes explored in her work.

Those interested in mental health, legal reform, and civil rights will find Dr. Lightfoot’s insights particularly enlightening. “So Who’s Crazy?” is now available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and electronic formats.

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