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Renowned 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Author Advocates for Bitcoin Amid Economic Uncertainty.

Robert Kiyosaki, celebrated for his bestseller 'Rich Dad Poor Dad,' is currently in the limelight for his strong endorsement of Bitcoin (BTC) as a key safeguard against the erosion of wealth, which he attributes to the actions of entities such as the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, and Wall Street financiers. Kiyosaki now prioritizes Bitcoin in his investment portfolio, valuing its decentralized nature and resistance to inflation over more traditional investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, and conventional currencies.

Robert Kiyosaki's advocacy for Bitcoin. Ilustration. created with DALL-E.
Robert Kiyosaki's advocacy for Bitcoin. Ilustration. created with DALL-E.

Praising Bitcoin for its relative security as an asset, Kiyosaki has been vocal in his criticism of key financial figures like Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and influential Wall Street bankers. He accuses them of depleting individual wealth through inflation, taxes, and manipulation of stock market prices, suggesting that Bitcoin offers a means to counter these wealth-draining tactics.

Kiyosaki’s investment philosophy marks a clear departure from conventional strategies. He explicitly favors Bitcoin, summarizing his approach with the phrase, “I save and invest in Bitcoin, not in stocks, bonds, or what I consider to be fake dollars.”

Initially skeptical about Bitcoin's inherent value, Kiyosaki now ranks it alongside gold and silver, endorsing it as a vital financial instrument. He is bullish about Bitcoin’s future, not just as an investment for speculation but as a true store of value. Kiyosaki predicts a significant rise in Bitcoin's value, anticipating it could soar to $120,000 within the year and potentially escalate to $500,000 per Bitcoin by 2025. He even speculates that in a severe economic downturn, Bitcoin's value could skyrocket to an unprecedented $1 million.

In a recent broadcast of 'The Rich Dad Channel' on January 24, Kiyosaki, alongside guests Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments, and author/radio host Charles Goyette, discussed Bitcoin and silver. During the show, Kiyosaki acknowledged his limited understanding of Bitcoin but expressed confidence in the cryptocurrency, citing the support of "very smart people" in the field. Despite his self-professed lack of detailed Bitcoin knowledge, Kiyosaki noted, “I always mention ‘gold, silver, and Bitcoin.’ I may not know much about Bitcoin, but I’m grateful I invested early thanks to some astute individuals.”

In November, as the prices of precious metals surged, Kiyosaki urged his 2.4 million social media followers to move away from what he calls the "fake money system" of fiat currencies, advocating for investments in gold, silver, and Bitcoin instead. He labeled typical savers as “losers” in the present economic scenario, promoting these alternative assets.

Kiyosaki also expressed strong opinions against government economic policies, blaming them for the rising inflation and economic difficulties, particularly pointing fingers at what he terms the “woke government.” He plans to continue converting his fiat holdings into Bitcoin and precious metals, arguing that government decisions are leading to conflict and economic hardship.

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