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Standing on the Shoulders: A Legacy Story of a Father, a Son, and Life’s Greatest Gifts, by Tim Brand.

In the heart of every individual lies a pivotal choice: to pave a path for others to follow or to leave a trail of disarray for the next generation to mend. This dilemma became all too real for Tim Brand during the final months of his father Denny's life.

'Standing on the Shoulders' takes readers on a profound journey through a true story filled with love, hope, and redemption. Tim unveils the legacy of his father, exploring the essence of what it truly means to live a meaningful life and how to bestow a lasting legacy onto those who come after us.

Crafted with heartfelt vulnerability and deep compassion, 'Standing on the Shoulders' is more than a narrative; it's an invitation to reflect on life's most significant gifts. This touching account of a father and son's bond and their shared moments will resonate with readers, urging them to cherish their lives and impact the world positively.


The selection of this book was made according to the decision of the editor-in-chief at Author Insider and does not constitute an advertisement or a recommendation for purchase. The link to the Amazon sales page is not an affiliate link.

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