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Yuewen Global IP Awards Celebrate Excellence in Chinese Literary and Entertainment Talents.

The Yuewen Global IP Awards, marking a significant celebration of achievements within Chinese literary and digital entertainment realms, were hosted in Singapore on February 5. The ceremony recognized the industry's finest, spanning 21 award categories. Organized by Yuewen, a front-runner in promoting Chinese culture and entertainment, the event honored the creativity and talent of authors, works, and actors involved in novel adaptations.

IP Awards (Source: Shenzhen Bowen Media Infotech Co.,Ltd.)
IP Awards (Source: Shenzhen Bowen Media Infotech Co.,Ltd.)

With its pioneering pay-to-read model, Yuewen has become a staple in China's online literature market, amassing over 200 million monthly active users across its varied platforms. This innovative approach has positioned Yuewen as a preferred platform for authors aspiring to earn through online fiction.

The awards aimed to spotlight the vibrancy of Chinese literature, applauding notable authors, creators, and artists who have contributed across multiple digital entertainment formats such as animation, movies, TV series, and gaming.

Key categories included "most anticipated adaptation," "most influential adapted character," "outstanding author of the year," and "most outstanding impact of the year." A significant portion of the awarded IPs, nearly 70 percent, have successfully entered global distribution deals, underscoring their worldwide appeal.

The ceremony was graced by Hou Xiaonan, Yuewen's president and CEO, who presented the "outstanding impact actor of adaptations" award to the renowned Chinese actor Dylan Wang, among other awards.

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SOURCE: Shenzhen Bowen Media Infotech Co.,Ltd.

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