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2024 Burnham Book Festival: A Celebration of Literature and Creativity Unfolds.

The 2024 Burnham Book Festival is gearing up for an exciting line-up from May 17th to 19th, hosted at the prestigious Princess Theatre and Library in Burnham.

Burnham-On-Sea Book Festival 2024 (Source:
Burnham-On-Sea Book Festival 2024 (Source:

This past weekend, local authors convened at Cafe Beans situated on Burnham High Street, a meeting captured in the accompanying photograph.

Organizer Lewis Coleman expressed satisfaction with the meeting's outcome, noting, "The enthusiasm was palpable. Everyone was committed to enriching Burnham with fresh literary content and events."

Currently, the festival is inviting entries for its short story and poetry contests, with a deadline looming in four weeks. Further information can be found on their website.

Ronnie Godliman, an author and festival volunteer, shared, "Participating in this festival isn't about financial gain for me; it's about sharing narratives and insights."

He further remarked on the societal value of books, stating, "In an era where conversation and debate seem to be waning, books play a crucial role in facilitating these discussions."

Ticket sales for numerous festival events have commenced at The Princess Theatre, with additional events expected to be available for purchase shortly.

Highlights include an evening with Damien Boyd at the Zalshah, a presentation by Stephen Moss on Britain’s Favourite Birds, and discussions on David Hockney, Adge Cutler, and Cecil Parker, among others, according to Coleman.

Music enthusiasts can look forward to a performance by The Quarrymen, the precursor to The Beatles, alongside various workshops aimed at budding authors.

The festival will also feature a main hall open on May 18th, serving as a central point for local writers to display their works, engage with peers, and interact with the community.

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