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Empowering Voices: Netflix and Women in Animation Nepal Lead Charge for Diversity in Entertainment.

Netflix has taken a significant step towards nurturing talent and promoting diversity within the global entertainment sector. In collaboration with Women in Animation Nepal, Netflix co-hosted a panel aiming to amplify voices from communities often left on the fringes of the storytelling world.

WIA & UNESCO Event (Source:
WIA & UNESCO Event (Source:

This initiative was highlighted during a panel at the UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education, held at ADNEC, focusing on the crucial shift towards embracing and showcasing stories by filmmakers from marginalized backgrounds. This movement not only enriches the industry with a wider range of narratives but also encourages a cultural shift towards more inclusive storytelling practices.

The discussion brought together influencers from Netflix, Women in Animation Nepal, Incessant Rain Studios, the 'Becoming Maestre' project, and the David Di Donatello Film Awards. These participants emphasized the importance of diversity in the entertainment field and the need to create opportunities for those from underrepresented groups.

UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Culture, Ernesto Ottone R, praised the initiative for its contribution to the broader conversation about diversity and inclusion in the audiovisual sector. He stressed the importance of maintaining open dialogues that include both private and public sectors to facilitate industry-wide change.

The panel underscored the importance of investing in educational and skill-building programs specifically designed for marginalized communities, thereby paving the way for their professional growth. It also highlighted the need for collaborative efforts between various cultural and arts organizations and the entertainment industry to offer support in the form of funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities, all tailored to meet the unique needs of different communities.

Deepa Joshi, Special Advisor for Women in Animation Nepal, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative's potential to make the animation industry more inclusive and accessible. She emphasized the importance of awareness and skill-building among communities that might not have previously considered careers in animation as a viable option.

Krysia Kozniewska, representing Netflix's Fund for Creative Equity in EMEA, reaffirmed Netflix's commitment to the creative community through talent development and skill enhancement. With a pledge to invest $100 million over five years, Netflix aims to forge new opportunities for underrepresented groups in the entertainment sector. This investment is part of a broader effort to work alongside industry partners to foster skill development and equip creators with the necessary tools to bring their unique stories to life.

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