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FC Classroom Unveils Hindi Screenwriting Masterclass with Satyanshu Singh.

Film Companion is thrilled to launch FC Classroom, an innovative Screenwriting Masterclass conducted in Hindi by the acclaimed Satyanshu Singh. Esteemed for his National Award-winning talents in filmmaking and screenwriting, as well as his reputable teaching in screenwriting, Singh offers unparalleled insights into the narrative arts, making this course an essential resource for budding screenwriters eager to navigate the complexities of movie storytelling.

Film Companion (Source:
Film Companion (Source:

Spanning 12 meticulously crafted modules, the masterclass delves deep into essential writing and filmmaking principles. Presented in a succinct, engaging video format available exclusively on YouTube Course, with sessions ranging from 7-12 minutes, the masterclass promises an engaging educational journey. Each module is enriched with practical tasks and exercises, fostering a proactive learning environment.

Singh, celebrated for his work on 'Chintu Ka Birthday,' as well as his involvement in films like 'Udaan,' 'Tamaash,' and 'Cobalt Blue,' shares his profound industry knowledge throughout the course.

This comprehensive program touches on various critical subjects, such as the screenwriter's role, narrative development, conflict creation, setting and world-building, in-depth research, the three-act structure, adapting writing across different mediums (Series vs. Films), developing a Series Bible and Pilot, analyzing scenes, perfecting dialogue, and professional insights into a screenwriter’s career.

FC Classroom stands out by actively engaging learners in the filmmaking process, moving beyond mere film appreciation to enabling students to craft their cinematic tales. This approach democratizes the art of storytelling, offering an inclusive platform for creative expression.

Moreover, FC Classroom is designed to be financially accessible, providing an invaluable opportunity to step into screenwriting's captivating realm without the burden of high costs.

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