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Indianapolis to Host Inaugural Attitude Fest 2024 on Global Attitude Awareness Day.

Glenn Bill, renowned real estate broker, best-selling author of “The ABCs of Attitude,” and a respected keynote speaker, is set to transform Broad Ripple Park into a hub of positivity with the debut of Attitude Fest 2024. Scheduled for April 20, 2024, this event coincides with Global Attitude Awareness Day and promises attendees a life-changing experience centered on the power of a positive attitude.

Glenn Bill (Source:
Glenn Bill (Source:

Attitude Fest 2024 aims to ignite personal growth, inspire community engagement, and promote happiness through a variety of activities. The event will feature the signature Attitude Walk, designed to foster self-discovery and empowerment among participants. Additionally, live music performances will set a joyful tone, celebrating the essence of positivity throughout the park located at 1426 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis.

The festival is family-friendly with numerous activities tailored for children, ensuring that the younger attendees are also engaged in the day’s positive theme. Local charities will be highlighted during the event, providing an opportunity for attendees to connect with and support impactful community initiatives. Sports competitions and a variety of food offerings from different cultures will also be part of the festivities, promoting teamwork, diversity, and unity.

Glenn Bill, the visionary behind this initiative, emphasized the transformative potential of the event. "Attitude Fest 2024 is not just an event; it’s a movement. We are dedicating this day to personal growth, inspiration, and making a real difference in the community and the world,” said Bill.

In an ambitious move to expand the reach of this positive movement, Bill is inviting individuals, companies, and organizations to become Global Ambassadors for Attitude Fest. This program offers participants the chance to license and organize their own Attitude Fest in their respective states in 2024 or 2025. Ambassadors will receive comprehensive training, access to a supportive network, and significant promotional opportunities, all at no cost.

Bill’s goal is bold yet reflective of his commitment to positivity: to host 50 Attitude Fests across every state, each led by a dedicated Ambassador. This network of events will create a nationwide ripple effect of positivity, fundamentally enhancing how people perceive and enact attitude changes.

As Indianapolis gears up to host the first of these transformative festivals, both the city and its residents are poised to lead by example, showcasing the profound impact of maintaining a positive outlook on life.

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