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The BookFest® Celebrates Literature and Advocacy in Its 9th Edition This April.

April 2024 marks a significant milestone for literary enthusiasts worldwide as The BookFest® returns with its 9th bi-annual virtual event. Scheduled for April 6th and 7th, this eagerly anticipated occasion is set to unite readers, writers, and industry mavens under the banner of creativity, learning, and literary advocacy.

With the backing of both new and returning literary brands, as well as Bellwethers, The BookFest is poised to deliver an enriching two-day virtual experience. A notable partnership with the Kauai Writers Conference complements this edition, enhancing the event's scope and appeal. Furthermore, "The Relatable Voice Magazine" enriches the festivities with a Special BookFest Issue, promising readers exclusive insights and articles from participating authors and organizers.

In a period where the pressure to ban and challenge books in educational and public libraries is escalating across the United States, The BookFest takes a stand. The event highlights the "Unite Against Book Bans" initiative, offering vital resources for awareness and action against censorship efforts. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with a special segment featuring Jennie Pu of the American Library Association’s Policy Corps Cadre on proactive strategies to counter book banning.

Desireé Duffy, the founder of The BookFest, encapsulates the spirit of the event: "The BookFest is more than just a celebration; it's a platform that highlights the significant impact of authors, organizations, and leaders on society. Through a blend of festive enjoyment and educational discourse, we aim to foster awareness and inspire meaningful dialogue."

The collaboration with Relatable Media, the parent company behind "The Relatable Voice Magazine," returns to offer attendees a Special BookFest Edition of its April Issue. This collector's edition, featuring insights from BookFest authors and the spotlight on Steven Joseph, a distinguished author speaking at the event, is not to be missed.

This year's BookFest also welcomes the introduction of new partners including 3 Book Girls, The Business Leaders Lab, and the Open Cup Conference. An expanding roster of sponsors across corporate, media, and non-profit sectors underscores the event's growing influence and commitment to promoting the literary arts.

Acknowledgment is due to Bookinfluencers, returning as a presenting sponsor. The company plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between literary influencers and new works, facilitating connections that enrich the global reading community.

The BookFest tradition of giveaways continues, with the Big Bundle of Books Giveaway, the Children’s Book Giveaway, and the Writers Giveaway offering attendees the chance to win a plethora of prizes donated by sponsors such as Black Château and Litographs, among others.

Open and accessible to all, The BookFest invites literature lovers to join its vibrant community. Free to attend, this biannual event stands as a beacon for those passionate about reading and writing, offering a platform for dialogue, discovery, and inspiration.

As The BookFest gears up for its April event, it reinforces its position as a leading force in virtual literary events. With a legacy of fostering vital conversations and celebrating the richness of the literary world, The BookFest continues to blaze a trail for readers and writers alike.

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