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"Kale Krew" Sprouts a Vegan Adventure on UnchainedTV.

UnchainedTV has launched its latest series, "Kale Krew," blending humor, culinary exploration, and vegan lifestyle advocacy in an engaging new format. Hosted by Nemanja Golubovic, the entrepreneur behind the renowned vegan restaurant chain Kale My Name, and social media influencer Tamika Price, founder of Plant Based Tamika, the series promises to be a dynamic addition to the plant-based programming on the network.

Kale krew poster
Kale krew poster

Set against the backdrop of Chicago’s rich and diverse vegan food scene, "Kale Krew" explores the city’s top vegan eateries, from the well-established to the innovative newcomers that are redefining plant-based dining. The series premiere features a vibrant tour of the XMarket Food Hall, home to a myriad of vegan options including Golubovic's own Kale My Name and other unique spots like 2D Restaurant and Bloom Sushi Counter.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, President of UnchainedTV, expressed her enthusiasm for the new series: “We are thrilled to launch this high-energy, plant-based TV series starring two of America’s most entertaining vegan influencers! Nemanja and Tamika not only bring their charisma and culinary passion to the show but also demonstrate that vegan living is both enjoyable and accessible.”

"Kale Krew" aims to showcase the joy and feasibility of veganism through its celebration of Chicago’s vegan cuisine. The show provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at how plant-based dishes are prepared and serves up stories from chefs and restaurant owners who are pioneers in the industry.

Nemanja Golubovic shared his excitement about the project, noting, “'Kale Krew' is a natural extension of my work, highlighting the delicious, exciting, and diverse world of veganism. I couldn’t envision doing a Chicago-based vegan food TV show without Tamika. Our energies perfectly complement each other, and I’m eager for everyone to join us on this culinary journey.”

Co-host Tamika Price added, “This new show is exactly what Nemanja and I envisioned for showcasing vegan lifestyle and cuisine to the world. Partnering with UnchainedTV was the perfect match for our vision.”

UnchainedTV, often dubbed the Netflix/CNN of veganism, continues to provide its global audience with a vast array of plant-based content aimed at addressing today’s most pressing health, environmental, and ethical issues. The network offers all its content for free, furthering its mission to educate and inspire a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle choice.

"Kale Krew" is set to captivate audiences with its fun approach and deep dive into the heart of Chicago’s thriving vegan community, encouraging viewers to explore new tastes and embrace the plant-based lifestyle. Viewers can watch the series by visiting UnchainedTV online or through various streaming devices.

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