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Michael D. Malone's "Mousetree The Beginning, Book One" Captivates Readers and Critics Alike.

Michael D. Malone, a storyteller whose rich life experiences and deep love for animals have profoundly shaped his narratives, proudly announces the release of his latest book, Mousetree The Beginning, Book One. This touching and imaginative work has already garnered several accolades, including being named a finalist in the American Writing Awards (Fiction-Inspirational), Readers’ Choice Book Award (Best Children’s Book 8-12), and Children’s Book International (Parenting and Family).

Mousetree The Beginning, Book One is a testament to Malone's profound connection with family, particularly his daughter, who inspired the enchanting world of Mousetree.

The story follows two sisters, Mirelda and Mindy, on a captivating journey that teaches them about the complexities of life, kindness, and resilience. Born from a moment of empathy shared between Malone and his daughter, the book unfolds into a rich narrative filled with intricate characters and life lessons, reflecting the author's own growth and experiences.

A Story Rooted in Empathy and Imagination

Malone’s journey to becoming an author is as compelling as his book. As a child, he found solace in the company of animals and storytelling, despite a tumultuous home life. He developed a strong bond with his sister, whom he protected from the harsh realities of their childhood. This bond is echoed in the relationship between Mirelda and Mindy in Mousetree, where they embark on a journey that explores bravery, fear, doing what is right versus what is easy, and the importance of loving and helping one another despite differences.

The book also delves into social injustices, life-threatening circumstances, and the universal journey we all take: the long journey home. Told through the eyes of two young girl mice, it captures the reader's imagination through rich character development, storytelling, and beautiful illustrations. More importantly, it reminds us to celebrate our differences and understand that our purpose is not to judge but to love and help one another.

Professional and Personal Influences

Malone's professional journey has been as varied as it is inspiring. He has worked with National Screen Service and Paramount Pictures, served in the US Navy as a Cryptologic Technician Interpretive, and found a meaningful career as a registered nurse specializing in critical care. His experiences in the ICU reinforced his deep empathy and compassion, qualities that shine through in his writing.

His grandmother, Daisy, also played a pivotal role in his life, teaching him the importance of love, respect, and gratitude. These values are woven into the fabric of Mousetree, with characters inspired by Malone's family and friends, making the book a heartfelt tribute to these relationships and the life lessons they imparted.

Looking Ahead: Mousetree Fire and Water, Book Two

Following the success of Mousetree The Beginning, Book One, Malone is excited to announce that the sequel, Mousetree Fire and Water, Book Two, is currently in the editing stage and will be available soon. This continuation promises to resolve the conflicts introduced in the first book, offering readers a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Accolades and Acknowledgements

Mousetree The Beginning, Book One has been recognized for its inspirational and educational value, receiving several awards and nominations. Malone extends his gratitude to his readers for their support and encouragement and invites new readers to join Mirelda and Mindy on their adventures.

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