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Netflix Lights Up Indonesian Cinema: A Celebration of National Film Day.

As Indonesia basks in the festivities of its National Film Day on March 30, a beacon of global streaming, Netflix, is setting the stage to elevate the nation’s cinematic narratives to the global forefront. In a move that underscores its dedication to the Indonesian film industry, Netflix is not only expanding its repository with more local films but is also nurturing the next generation of storytellers with invaluable knowledge and skills.

Indonesia’s National Film Day (Source: Netflix)
Indonesia’s National Film Day (Source: Netflix)

Netflix's homage to Indonesian cinema kicked off with an empowering session on film production today, in collaboration with the esteemed Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF). This marks the beginning of a series of workshops aimed at sculpting the talents of over 250 aspiring filmmakers throughout the year.

“At the heart of this year’s National Film Day celebration, we reaffirm our pledge to bring Indonesian films to the world stage, accessible in 190 countries, and to elevate the filmmaking craft here by investing in its creators,” expressed Ruben Hattari, Netflix's Director of Public Policy for Southeast Asia, at a press conference in Jakarta.

The event was graced by luminaries of the Indonesian film sector, each bringing a vision for the evolution of the industry. The panel boasted the likes of actor and producer Prilly Latuconsina, JAFF founder Ifa Isfansyah, and Taufan Adryan from Visinema Pictures, who shared their insights and aspirations.

In a significant announcement, Netflix revealed its plans to host an array of Indonesian films that previously illuminated cinema screens, now set to reach a global audience through its platform. This year, Netflix is aiming to enrich its selection with over 50 Indonesian titles, including "Budi Pekerti," "Jatuh Cinta Seperti di Film-Film," and "13 Bom di Jakarta."

Prilly Latuconsina reflected on the impact of these initiatives, saying, “The evolution of our film industry is intrinsically linked to its human capital. It’s my hope that this endeavor not only provides a platform for our stories but also inspires a new generation of filmmakers to push boundaries and innovate.”

Taufan Adryan echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the vast potential of reaching audiences far beyond Indonesia's borders through Netflix. “Our partnership with Netflix is a game-changer, enabling our stories to traverse geographical limitations and resonate with audiences across the globe.”

As Netflix weaves Indonesian cinema into the fabric of global storytelling, this collaboration promises to spotlight the rich narratives and diverse talents of Indonesia, ensuring that the voices of its filmmakers are heard far and wide. This initiative stands as a testament to the power of partnership in bridging cultural divides and enriching the global cinematic tapestry with the unique hues of Indonesian storytelling.

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