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Sierra Writers Conference 2024: Honoring 21 Years of Impactful Publishing.

From February 5-15, 2024, Rocklin, California, will host the Sierra Writers Conference, marking a significant milestone: the 21st anniversary of the esteemed Sierra College Press, alongside a tribute to "Standing Guard," its pioneering anthology that delves into the narratives surrounding Japanese internment during World War II. This momentous conference is set to celebrate the legacy of the Press's inaugural publication, embodying the essence of storytelling with a focus on social justice, environmental advocacy, and the artistry of writing.

Conference Alert
Conference Alert

This year, the conference aims to amplify voices that weave tales of resilience, equity, and the natural world, drawing inspiration from the foundational principles of the Sierra College Press. Attendees can look forward to an enriching lineup of speakers—writers, activists, and educators—who will share their insights and expertise on crafting narratives that challenge, inspire, and provoke thought. Through workshops, panel discussions, and keynote addresses, participants will have the unique opportunity to hone their craft, explore new perspectives, and engage with stories that matter.

As we gather to reflect on two decades of influential publishing and storytelling, the 2024 Sierra Writers Conference invites writers, readers, and thinkers alike to join in a communal exploration of the power of words to drive change.

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