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Unveiling Mysteries: Marcelo Antinori's Latest Novel, 'The Condor's Riddle', Weaves Intrigue and Legacy.

In the heart of Salisbury, MD, a tale of mystery and adventure unfolds within the pages of Marcelo Antinori's latest novel, "The Condor's Riddle". The Brazilian-American author introduces readers to a compelling narrative in which the quest to safeguard the legacy of a guerrilla fighter, declared dead three times, weaves through the fabric of a unique community. "Santa Clara by the Sea" emerges as a riveting story of international intrigue, blending the fates of expatriates and distinctive individuals in a search that may lead to the ancient and elusive city of El Dorado, guarded by generations of Indigenous protectors.

Antinori masterfully crafts a diverse ensemble of characters, each playing a pivotal role in the unfolding drama. Among them is Bebéi, a French archivist with an uncanny ability to remember every detail he sees, akin to a living camera. His pure and unassuming perspective proves vital in unraveling a complex mystery that attracts the unwelcome attention of powerful forces, from embassies to drug cartels. The narrative is enriched by an eclectic mix of allies, from a Caribbean former president to a remorseful German terrorist, each adding depth and color to the story.

"I write to entertain," Antinori states, reflecting on the inspiration drawn from his walks in Panama City's old town, where he encountered the real-life muses for his vibrant characters. He delves into the essence of Latin American storytelling, shaped by a lineage of dreamers and rebels, each with their own tales of struggle and jubilation.

"The Condor's Riddle" does not shy away from the magical realism that has influenced Antinori, who grew up reading literary giants like Garcia Marquez and Borges. This influence is evident in his narrative, offering readers a blend of the fantastical with the raw and real aspects of life.

Praised by Kirkus Reviews for its lively and intricately detailed storytelling, the novel stands as a testament to Antinori's skillful prose and his commitment to providing readers with an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

Released on February 6, "The Condor’s Riddle" has quickly climbed the ranks, securing the #1 spot for new releases in Spanish literature on Amazon's Kindle store. The 240-page hardcover edition is priced at $27, with availability in ebook format as well. For direct purchases, readers can visit Secant Publishing's website.

Marcelo Antinori, with his background as an economic development specialist and his life split between Brazil and Bethesda, Maryland, brings a wealth of experience to his writing. Having published novels in multiple languages, his storytelling captures the diverse and dynamic essence of his global journey.

This news was initially announced on, marking the introduction of a novel that promises to captivate and resonate with readers around the world.

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