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Challenging Big Pharma: Patrick Girondi's Crusade for Affordable Gene Therapy.

Skyhorse Publishing is set to unveil a compelling new title from Patrick Girondi, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and a seasoned figure in the biotechnology field, in September 2024. Titled "Healthcare Criminals: The Destruction of Bluebird Bio and Affordable Gene Therapy," the book promises to deliver a powerful narrative that covers three decades of Girondi's relentless fight against the pharmaceutical industry's unethical practices.

Healthcare Criminals (Source:
Healthcare Criminals (Source:

The story at the heart of Girondi's upcoming release is deeply personal, tracing his battle to save his son, Rocco, diagnosed in 1993, from the clutches of what he describes as the pharmaceutical industry's morally bankrupt entities. This battle led to the founding of Errant Gene Therapeutics (EGT), later known as San Rocco Therapeutics (SRT), which pioneered gene replacement therapy for Thalassemia and made significant strides in gene therapy for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD).

Girondi's book is set against the backdrop of his confrontations with Bluebird Bio and its leadership, accused of intellectual property theft and inflating stock prices through deceit, leading to a dramatic fall in the company's stock value. The narrative delves into the legal battles that ensued, highlighting the broader implications of such corporate misconduct on patients, the healthcare system, and the affordability of gene therapy.

"Healthcare Criminals" not only recounts Girondi’s personal and professional journey but also casts a critical eye on the larger pharmaceutical industry, drawing comparisons between his experiences and other well-documented pharmaceutical controversies. It explores the dichotomy between "Small Pharma" — companies focused on innovation and patient care — and "Big Pharma," criticized for prioritizing profits over patients.

As SRT gears up for new clinical trials, aiming to offer treatments at significantly lower prices than its competitors, Girondi's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, the importance of ethical medical practices, and the need for a healthcare system that genuinely serves the needs of patients. Through his book, Girondi adds a vital voice to the conversation on healthcare reform, offering a narrative that is as educational as it is inspiring.

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