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"Underneath" Wins Multiple Awards at the Vegas Movie Awards™.

The prestigious Vegas Movie Awards™, known for its global influence in the film industry, has announced that the film Underneath has garnered multiple accolades, including the Award of Excellence for Best Narrative Short and the Award of Prestige for Best Original Score.


A Tale of Resilience and Discovery

Directed by Chase Korzep and produced by Lily Campisi, Underneath narrates the gripping story of a young British man in 1917. Following a catastrophic train explosion that claims his father's life, he must navigate the harsh Arabian desert with his guide. Together, they unravel a profound mystery linked to a significant treasure that could alter the tide of World War One.

Entering the Esteemed Alumni Network

With these recent awards, Underneath joins the ranks of notable films recognized by the Vegas Movie Awards™. The film festival's alumni network spans over 80 countries and includes distinguished filmmakers who have received Academy Awards®, Emmys®, Golden Globes®, and BAFTAs®. Notable members include industry giants like Guy Nattiv, Olivia Colman, and Tom Hanks.

The Impact of the Vegas Movie Awards™

As a member of the Film Festival Alliance, the Vegas Movie Awards™ is dedicated to advancing the careers of filmmakers through continuous education, opportunities, and support. This recognition serves as a significant milestone for Underneath, enhancing its profile and career prospects for its creators.

"This recognition from the Vegas Movie Awards™ is a tremendous honor for our team," said director Chase Korzep. "It validates the dedication and passion we invested in bringing this story to life."

Future Prospects for "Underneath"

The accolades received at the Vegas Movie Awards™ are expected to boost Underneath's visibility and open up new avenues for distribution and industry recognition. The film's compelling narrative and exceptional score highlight the talent and creativity behind its production, marking its creators as emerging stars in the cinematic world.

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