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Sahitya Academy Laureate Sukhjit: A Titan of Punjabi Literature Passes at 62.

The literary world mourns the loss of Sukhjit, a distinguished Punjabi fiction writer and recipient of the National Sahitya Academy Award in 2022, who passed away at 62. Sukhjit's sudden demise on Monday, after a brief illness, has left a profound impact on literary circles. Balwinder Singh, Sukhjit's brother, revealed that the celebrated author had been battling heart issues and recently succumbed to his condition at PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Sukhjit Singh
Sukhjit Singh

Sukhjit, renowned for his exploration of bold themes and his critical examination of Punjab's 'Derawad' (dera culture), began his literary journey as a poet, launching his debut poetry collection 'Rangan Da Manovigyan' in 1997. His venture into short stories with 'Antra' further solidified his reputation as a fearless writer, unafraid to tackle controversial subjects. His work, including the provocatively titled 'Hun Main Rape Enjoy Kardi Haan', stirred significant discussion for its audacious commentary on systemic corruption. Sukhjit's autobiographical work 'Main Jaisa Hoon, Waisa Kyu Hu' offered a personal glimpse into his life, with a second part anticipated but now left unrealized.

Tributes from the literary community, including noted poet and publisher Satish Gulati and former president of the Punjabi Sahit Akademi, professor Gurbhajan Gill, have highlighted Sukhjit's unwavering dedication to literature and his impactful contribution to Punjabi fiction. His bold narrative choices and commitment to authenticity have been praised as elements that will ensure his legacy endures for generations. Sukhjit's passing is felt deeply as a significant loss to the world of literature, leaving behind a legacy of courage, honesty, and unparalleled contribution to Punjabi fiction.

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